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We’re approved!!!

Vegetarian Society Approved


Exciting times this week, just as we’re approaching our first birthday we’ve had our website approved by the Vegetarian Society!


It’s a proud and special moment because I have personally been a member of the Vegetarian Society ever since I became a Vegetarian over 20 years ago.  I love receiving the quarterly magazine and always go to the VegSoc approved insert to see what’s in there, I still can’t believe we’re now going to be in one of those!! 


Becoming Vegetarian Society approved is wonderful recognition that being Vegetarian is more than about what you eat, it affects every aspect of your life.  For Vegetarians out there concerned about what’s in their skincare, if they didn’t have it already, Vegetarian Society approval gives them the added reassurance that we know what we’re talking about.  As Vegetarians, if we wouldn’t be happy using it on ourselves or our loved ones it doesn’t make it onto our website.  We do the label reading and research so you don’t have to!


Being Vegetarian makes us more than just another Natural & Organic beauty store, there’s an extra dimension because we also take into account the origins of the natural ingredients that have been used.  Bee products are limited to beeswax and honey, lanolin only if it’s not a slaughterhouse by-product and we definitely say no to carmine, keratin and silk.   Because of this sometimes there are natural compromises, if a natural ingredient is of an unacceptable animal origin we’ll accept a synthetic ingredient in its place.  We’ve made the decision not to stock some natural skincare and cosmetic brands because of their use of ingredients on our black-list in some of their products.  Harsh? possibly, but when they have competitors who are able to make their products natural without using those ingredients we’d rather show our support for them.


So what are we?  We’re bringing you skincare, haircare and beauty products which are 100% Vegetarian, Natural and Cruelty Free, we’re a big bit Organic and Vegan and a little bit Fairtrade oh yes, and we’re totally Vegetarian Society approved!!!

Click on the image below to visit our little bit of the Vegetarian Society Approved Website

Vegetarian Society Approved

Update 1 May 2015 – upon conversion to a 100% vegan company we decided it was no longer relevant for us to be Vegetarian Society approved and so we have not renewed our licence.


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