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2015 resolutions – We’re going vegan!


When we launched in 2012 we had a clear idea of the type of natural beauty and skin care products we would include on our website.  In particular, what animal ingredients would be acceptable to us.  From the outset we wanted the makeup we stocked to all be vegan as we see no good reason why it shouldn’t be, and, apart from one little glitch which has since been corrected, we’ve stuck to that even though it’s meant sourcing suitable products which are also naturally derived has been a challenge at times.


Outside of vegan makeup, the main ingredient that seems to crop up in natural and organic skincare is beeswax and over the time we’ve been in existence the number of products we have stocked containing it has fluctuated.  Personally, I’ve always been unsure of the use of beeswax in facial products as I understood it was comedogenic (pore clogging) however, we’ve received enough positive comments from people who have used products containing it to think perhaps that’s not entirely the case.


Really the only other ingredient that has made an appearance is lanolin but there were were very cautious about the source and at the most only two products on our website have ever contained it.


So why convert to 100% vegan products?  Over the last 12 months or so we’ve naturally gravitated more towards this, we’ve only been sourcing brands and products which are vegan and it’s become slightly silly to make our vegan visitors go to a single area to shop when the vast majority of the products on our website are suitable for vegans.  It would actually make more sense to switch it around and put the non-vegan skincare and beauty products into one section, there would be far fewer of them!


It’s also about the vegan community.  We’ve looked for, but found it hard to find, much in the way of a vegetarian one but the vegan one has been welcoming, vocal and, quite frankly, pretty awesome!  In 2014 we took some of our products to vegan fairs and it’s been a really positive experience.  It has been so lovely to meet people who’ve heard of us or bought products from us.  We’ve also got to meet some of the fantastic stall holders whose products we’ve stocked or have previously only chatted to on Twitter.


With all that it wasn’t a particularly difficult resolution to make 2015 the year when I Choose What I Use becomes an easy place for vegans to shop for their natural and organic skincare and beauty products.


We are not expecting to have to wait too long for this conversion to happen as we have so few non-vegan products on our website these days, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!


One last thing, we’re sorry if that means for some of you we are no longer going to be the source of your favourite products, we hope you’ll forgive us and find a new favourite amongst the old and new products and brands we’ll have on our website.  In the meantime take a look at our non-vegan department, you might just find your favourite vegetarian skin care products there.

I Choose What I Use Vegan


We are I Choose What I Use, the 100% vegetarian and almost completely vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic beauty and skin care online store.


Update – as of 1 May 2015 our website converted to being 100% vegan :-)





  1. Adrian Young, January 18, 2015:

    Great news well done, I will support you with my custom.

  2. Carol Savory, January 18, 2015:

    The day I follow you on twitter is the day you announce that the way forward is vegan! !!!!!!! Woo hoo you have made my day. I will be using your website from now on. I salute you

  3. I Choose What I Use, January 19, 2015:

    Thank you both for your lovely comments. We’re so pleased our announcement has received such a positive response!

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