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Winter Skin Part Two – Hands & Body


In our second part of our winter skin series we’re going to concentrate on taking care of the skin on your body in a vegetarian, natural and cruelty-free way during the winter months.  It’s all common sense, but we thought we’d remind you!


Really, you just need to keep up your routine from the summer, exfoliate and moisturise.  Simple hey?  You might think ‘why bother?’ as you’ll be all covered up until the sun comes back again.  Just remember that a body looked after all year round will always look its best and your poor hands need nurturing when they’re in and out of the cold (and mainly wet so far this winter!) weather.


Exfoliating at least once a week helps to remove the build-up of dead skin cells and promote healthy, smooth skin.  Exfoliating also helps to improve circulation, so a definite plus if you have any of that pesky cellulite or ‘bumpy’ skin.  One important point to remember is to always work towards the heart so move from your feet up your body, not down when exfoliating.  The same goes for massaging.


Obviously when deciding to exfoliate you have to take account of any skin condition you have such as eczema, it may not be best for your skin to exfoliate or if you do, you need to pick one that is gentle enough not to make your condition worse.


Exfoliation can be achieved using a loofah, an exfoliating glove/mitt or a body brush (for pre bath/shower dry brushing).  Natural scrubs can be made from sugar or salt, oatmeal or oats (ground if a more gentle scrub is needed) and nuts or seeds which again can be of different coarseness to meet the needs of your skin type. Tiny beads made of Jojoba or Beeswax can also be found in exfoliators and these can be more gentle on your skin because they have a much smoother surface.  Please, always make sure the exfoliating ingredient in the product you use is of a natural and biodegradable material (ours are) and not plastic so that they don’t clog the oceans and kill their residents.


Winter Skin Exfoliating


 Next step after bathing (not just after exfoliating!) is to moisturise.  What type of moisturiser will depend upon your skin type, dry skin obviously needs a much richer moisturiser.  Being a natural skin care advocate you will of course want to use something that is free of harsh chemicals and petrochemical by-products.   You have a whole host of options with moisturisers, you can choose from oils, creams, lotions or butters, depending upon skin type, personal preference and mood!  The best choice is one that feeds your skin as it moisturises rather than something that just creates a barrier to give the illusion that it’s working.  Thankfully truly natural skincare products tend to fall into the former category!  If you need a barrier product though, Akamuti Petroleum Free Jelly is definitely the one you need to use. As with exfoliating, work upwards on your body towards your heart when you moisturise.


Extra dry patches can be treated with treated with a super moisturising product, Weleda Skin Food is an obvious choice but if you’re Vegan, Akamuti Pure Wildcrafted Shea Butter would be good alternative.


Winter Skin Moisturise 

 Hands need special care too, especially at this time of year when, like your face, they can be exposed to the worst that the weather has to offer.  If you can, keep a hand cream in your bag (we have some great natural mini sizes which are perfect for this), on your desk and by any sink at home where you might wash your hands.  That way there is no excuse not to keep your hands moisturised and protected!


Winter Skin Hands


You can go straight to all of our Vegetarian, Natural and Cruelty Free body exfoliating and moisturising products, hand creams and lotions by clicking on any of the groups of images above.  There are plenty that are also Vegan, Organic and Fairtrade, just check the ethics list at the end of the product descriptions.


So, tell us, how do you keep your body and hands in tip top shape during the winter months? 



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