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Winter Skin – Part One


We’re going to go through how to look after your skin from head to toe during the winter months and we’re going to start at the bottom, with feet!


You may not think you need to do much to look after your feet during the cold weather – they’re hidden away in socks, tights, shoes and boots most of the time aren’t they?  


But the party season will soon be here and you still need them to look their best in those fantastic strappy heels you’ve just bought for THE party don’t you?  Plus, how smug will you feel when those warm rays of sun come back to visit us again and you can jump straight into your flip flops without worrying about what your feet look like?! 


Regular maintenance to remove dead skin on your feet, especially your heels, is a must all year round and you can’t beat a good pumice stone for that job or, alternatively, we’ve just got our hands on some fab foot stones made from volcanic lava which will do the job equally well.


You’ll need to follow up all that skin removal with a moisturiser – vegetarian, natural and cruelty free of course! – and here are a few ideas:


If you’re going straight out you’ll want something that absorbs quickly so that your feet aren’t sliding about in your shoes.  Akamuti Organic Fairtrade Coconut Oil is a good choice, it’s great for treating dry skin and it helps to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother.  As an added bonus that means it can carry on the good work you started by using your pumice or lava foot stone.


For a super treat on those cold winter nights, before going to bed apply an extra moisturising treatment such as Akamuti Shea Cocoa Mint Foot Butter or Weleda Skin Food and pop on some socks.  You can then look forward to a night of warm feet which are lovely, smooth and moisturised in the morning!   


If you’re suffering from particularly painful, hard and cracked skin on your feet try Alva Anti-Callous Balm, with healing herbs, manuka honey and calendula it was created specifically to deal with this problem and has been shown to be an effective alternative to using pumice stones.   


All our footcare items are in our hands and feet department.  Click on footcare for just the foot bit! 


Vegetarian, Natural, Cruelty Free Footcare Products

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