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Skin Oils


In our first blog we want to talk about one of our favourite types of products, skin oils.  Not the exclusive domain of vegetarian beauty lovers, they are products to be enjoyed by anyone searching for a wonderfully natural way to care for their skin.


Though it may seem counter intuitive to put oil on your skin, especially if it is already oily, if you choose your product carefully you can find yourself with much improved skin and wondering why you didn’t try it years ago!


Note that we’ve said skin oils, not facial oils.  This is because though we might tend to think of just using these oils on our faces you can in fact use them anywhere on your body, even your hair, with equally wonderful results.


So what’s the difference between serums and oils?  From our research, oils tend to be just a single ingredient and multi-purpose.  Serums seem to be multi-ingredient products and tend to be for application to your face and neck only.  In terms of appearance there is sometimes not much difference between a serum and an oil, though you can probably expect a serum to be slightly thicker.


To demonstrate this, in the picture below are drops of 3 products, from left to right: Trilogy Age Proof nutrient plus firming serum, Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 booster serum and Argan Oil.  As you can see, the two serums are very different in look and texture.  The nutrient plus serum is much thicker and opaque and the CoQ10 serum has the texture and look of a skin oil, more like the Argan oil next to it.


Serum & Skin Oil Comparison


We love serums too so we’ll cover them in a future blog, but right now let’s get back to skin oils.  We like skin oils because of their versatility and effectiveness.  You can use them individually, combine them to make your own special treatment oil or use them underneath your usual moisturiser if you feel the need for an extra boost.  They’re economical in use (you only need a few drops to treat your face or hair) so you can afford to spend a bit more on quality, organic oils knowing that they’ll last a while. We love the fact that there is purity in the lack of ingredients, it’s like Mother Nature is saying see, I told you so!


Here are a few of our favourites and some of their uses:


Jojoba Oil – perfect for oily skin, it has similar properties to sebum which means it helps to bring balance to your skin and helps banish those shiny patches!  Also good for treating dry or split ends, as a body moisturiser, make up remover and cuticle oil.


Akamuti Organic Golden Jojoba Oil


Coconut Oil – truly a whole body oil.  If it’s food grade you can eat it or cook with it as well as using it on your skin and hair.  It’s an anti-ageing face and body moisturiser, a treat for cracked heels and dry elbows and it’s a great tasting lip balm!  Sufferers of dry hair or dandruff can also use it as a pre-wash treatment.


Akamuti Organic Coconut Oil


Rosehip Oil – it’s re-hydrating, wrinkle reducing and moisturising properties have made Rosehip oil incredibly popular as an anti-ageing treatment.  It’s also great for treating scars, stretch marks, burns and dry skin making it suitable for all members of the family and all ages.


Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil


Argan Oil – is another whole body oil.  Widely used in its home country of Morocco as a food and beauty oil, we know it best for its beauty benefits.  High levels of vitamin E have made it another anti-ageing favourite but it’s also great for preventing stretch marks and treating scarring, acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Like Jojoba oil, Argan helps to regulate the skins oil production so it’s another choice for those with oily skin.   Argan oil is also very well known as a hair treatment, just a few drops will tame a wild mane, protect from styling damage and apply it to the ends of your hair to help ward off split ends.


Akamuti Organic Argan Oil


We haven’t covered all the uses of these oils, each one deserves a blog of its own so we’ll certainly be be back to cover this subject again, but for any of you uncertain as to whether using oils on your skin is for you, we hope we’ve given you more information and the encouragement to start including them in your natural beauty routine.  You can find all the oils we’ve mentioned and more in our Serums & Oils department or, alternatively, click on the individual images above to go straight to that particular oil (all links will open in another window/tab), and please, let us know how you get on!


We are I Choose What I Use, the 100% vegan (as of 1 May 2015), cruelty free, natural and organic beauty and skin care online store.



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