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On my bathroom shelf


We thought it would be fun to take a peek at the bosses bathroom shelf and give you a little insight into what the owner of a Vegetarian and natural beauty company might have lurking there…in her own words.


Argghhh, my secrets revealed!  Okay, here goes……….


Akamuti African Black Soap

Akamuti African Black Soap

I’ve been a long-time fan of this cruelty free, vegan soap.  The nature of my job sometimes means I need to try out other natural products (it’s a hard life) but I always come back to this and no, you don’t get black hands or face using it!  It’s just a fantastically mild and gentle, non-drying (it still has all the glycerine) soap.    I love that it’s ethically produced too, directly helping the women in Africa who make it.  Its only downside is that it does love to soak up water so it can turn to liquid quite easily.  The trick is to cut your bar into smaller pieces and always make sure you allow the piece you’re using to drain after use so that it can stay as dry as possible. I often use my African Black Soap in the shower too instead of shower gel or body wash.



Evolve Multi Peptide Single Cream Moisturiser

Evolve Multi Peptide Single CreamI’ve been trying this out for a while now, just using it as a day moisturiser and it’s really good, perfect for my skin which tends to be oily.  It doesn’t clog pores so no unpleasant breakouts and it leaves my skin feeling lovely and smooth.  It contains 3 of my favourite ingredients too, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Argan Oil.


99.85% natural, 32% organic and certified by Ecocert and the Vegan Society means it gets it an extra thumbs up from me.  It has a lovely scent, though I still can’t work out what it reminds me of…..



My own secret skin oil super blend

Well, it’s not going to be a secret now is it?  Ever since I discovered that Jojoba oil can help balance oily skin I’ve been a massive fan of oils and have been using them for years now.  My current concoction is a mix of Jojoba, Argan and Rosehip Oils (no science to it, I just put whatever amount I fancy of each into a 10ml dropper bottle!) which I’ll use as a moisturiser whenever I feel like it really.  Just 7 or 8 drops massaged into my face is all I need and sometimes I’ll add a drop of an essential oil such as tea tree or lavender too if I feel my skin needs a spot busting or healing boost.   This is why you’ll find all of these and more on our website, take a look at our Aromatherapy department and Serums & Oils category under our Women department.



Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum

Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Booster SerumOh my word, I love this serum!  At night if I look in the mirror and I look like I’d give Shrek a run for his money I massage a few drops of this into my face before applying my moisturiser.  In the morning my skin just looks so improved, no more Shrek!  If things are exceptionally tragic I’ll use it morning and night.  I’m sure the results would be even better if I used it every day.  As well as CoQ10, it contains lots of lovely oils including my favourite Argan and also Tamanu.  Undiluted Tamanu oil is an acquired taste in the smell department (though thankfully that’s not evident in this serum) but it’s a fantastic oil for skin healing and renewal.  I’ve been trying to source an organic Tamanu oil for our website for some time now.


My bathroom floor also got to try my booster serum when I knocked the bottle off the shelf and lost half of it, which is a lesson for you all, make sure you screw the lid back onto those bottles between uses!



Akamuti Organic Argan Oil

Akamuti Organic Argan Oil

As well as adding this to my now not so secret oil blend, I also use Argan Oil on my hair.  Applied before styling it definitely speeds up the drying process and if you use it afterwards it’s great as a ‘finisher’ to help give you smoother hair.  It’s a protector and great to keep split ends at bay.  And really, you only need a few drops.  My hair is shoulder length and 2 or 3 drops is all I need.


Argan oil really is a versatile and economical natural skin and hair care treatment.



Akamuti Pure Wildcrafted Virgin Shea Butter

Akamuti Virgin Shea ButterI’m never without a pot of this and use it on dry skin and my heels if they need a bit of extra assistance.  It’s organic and fairtrade too.  It helps to heal blemishes and it’s the perfect lip balm/softener.  I’ve even mixed it with some mineral foundation to make a simple, healing concealer.


I’ve also put some in an old, small screw top jar which I keep in my handbag – just in case I have a Shea Butter emergency!



Akamuti Organic Fairtrade Coconut Oil

Akamuti Organic Coconut OilThis is my all time favourite body and foot moisturiser.  Love it!  I also used it as a facial moisturiser and lip balm when then mood takes me.


I’m hoping the weight loss benefits still apply if you use it as a lip balm!



Faith In Nature Crystal Deodorant

I was skeptical about crystal deodorants so I thought I’d try one, just to see.  18 months later and this one is still going.  I was amazed at how effective they are and even more amazed that they do have some anti-perspirant qualities – I discovered this for definite when I got distracted one day and only applied it to one armpit!  The only downside is the salt crystals that get created and stick all over the shelf (I wet my crystal rather than apply it dry to damp skin).  For that reason I’m itching to try one of the Alva Crystal Deo Pump Sprays – I’ve just got to use this solid crystal one up first!



Top Secret testing…..

I’ve also got a night cream and eye cream which I’m giving a thorough trial before deciding whether to stock the brand later in the year.  Keeping to our ethics they’re natural, cruelty free, Vegan (Vegan Society approved) and contain organic ingredients.  We’ve had our eyes on this brand for a while so I’m excited to think they might be in our store this year.



Right, I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours!  What  vegetarian, natural, cruelty free skincare wonders do you have on your bathroom shelf?


We are I Choose What I Use, the 100% vegan (as of 1 May 2015), cruelty free, natural and organic beauty and skin care online store.



  1. Gem, March 1, 2013:

    I absolutely loved this post and found it very interesting! I love coconut oil and sometimes use it on my face too. I’ll have to give that Trilogy serum a go as it sounds wonderful!!

    Gem x

  2. I Choose What I Use, March 1, 2013:

    Hi Gem, thanks so much for your feedback and from a fellow coconut oil fan too! The Trilogy serum is brilliant stuff, well worth a try.

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