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Attracted by the promises that  bottle of shampoo or conditioner is making to give you super soft, shiny hair?  Well, steer clear of any product containing Keratin because that wonderful ingredient has come from ground up horns, feathers, hooves etc. or, put another way, the ground up animal equivalent of our hair and nails.  The animals are unlikely to have given up those voluntarily unlike us on a trip to the hairdresser or manicurist!  Still sounding like an attractive ingredient to wash your hair with?


P.S. Phyto-Keratin or Phytokeratin is made from corn or wheat protein so that one we’ll allow!





  1. amanda, April 29, 2014:

    i realy hadnt maid the connection of keratin to animal parts,thanks,i will make sure i never buy anything with keratin again,its so hard avoiding crulty in dayly life becouse half the time were not told the truth about the things we buy

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