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Closing Down



I’m very sad to find that as we approach our 5th birthday, I am writing this blog.


After wrestling with this for a long time, I’ve finally made the decision to close I Choose What I Use.  The closing down sale starts today (10 April 2017) and ends on Tuesday 18th April.


Why are we closing?  Well, to be honest, the decision is entirely financial.  I’ve put everything I had into it and got nothing out!  Even when you don’t earn any money from it, running an online business quickly becomes a full time job when you factor in all the behind the scenes administration and I can no longer afford to do this.  Do I regret starting a business?  Not for a single minute!  I left a job I had started to hate with a passion to do this and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.  Cruelty Free (animal ingredient free!), natural and organic beauty has been a passion of mine for a very long time and I’ve learnt so much more about that as well as picking up a whole host of new skills.  Last but definitely not least, I have got to know so many awesome people and businesses (and met the love of my life to boot).  What’s to regret in all that?


We’ve had to make a few changes to our shipping options during our close down, free shipping and shipping upgrades have been removed and our standard delivery now more accurately reflects the costs incurred by us.  I’m afraid as we’re selling everything off at cost or below, we can’t subsidize the postage costs too!


A great big thank you to every one of you I’ve met, chatted with (virtually or in person), become friends with, who shopped with us, who’ve given us a mention.  It has meant so much.




P.S.  We (and our website) will still be around for a while after the 18th as we wind down the business after trading has ended so, don’t worry if you need to get in touch – we’ll still be available by email, social media and telephone!



  1. Junie, April 10, 2017:

    So sad to see you go.
    Will you still do a blog ?

    Best wishes to you, and thanks so much for all your hard work.

    Kind regards

  2. I Choose What I Use, April 10, 2017:

    Thank you Junie, so kind of you! The blog may possibly continue (and be updated a bit more frequently!), I’m just going to see how things are once the dust settles x

  3. Florence, April 10, 2017:

    Hi Sue, Thank you for creating such a space! I am glad you’ve met the love of your life and I wish you the best for the future! Florence

  4. I Choose What I Use, April 10, 2017:

    Thank you Florence!

  5. Adia, April 13, 2017:

    What?! You can’t leave!! :( I get everything from this website. I don’t know what I’ll do after you go…

  6. I Choose What I Use, April 13, 2017:

    I’m so sorry Adia. I really didn’t want to let anyone down. Unfortunately there just weren’t enough lovely people like you who wanted to shop here. I tried to keep it going, for far longer than I really should have!

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