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A visit to Loaf Vegan B&B


Not one of our usual beauty based blogs, but as Loaf have been kind enough to display our flyers for guests to take, it’s only fair that we give them a mention after we had such a lovely stay!


At the end of November I was lucky enough to get a trip to Berwick upon Tweed and a stay at the vegan Loaf B&B.  I was so desperate to sample one of their fabulous vegan breakfasts my lovely other half treated me to a stay as an early birthday treat.


Having spent most of the day exploring further down the coast, with a breezy and slightly damp walk along the beach at Bamburgh Castle and a drive over to Holy Island, we made our way up to Berwick-Upon-Tweed.  After a little explore around the town while it was still open, we set off for Loaf (I later found out I’d missed visiting a fabulous looking healthfood/green shop in Berwick – gutted!).  It was fairly easy to find, even in the dark.  We were warmly welcomed by the owner, Karen, and given a tour around the guest areas of the building.


We were lucky enough to be the only visitors to Loaf that day so we had the guest areas to ourselves for the evening.  We were taken to our room (the double en-suite) which was big but also very cosy and importantly, lovely and warm as outside it was a tad cold!  The bathroom was also a very generous size with a corner bath and a separate shower.


Loaf Vegan B&B Double En-suite

Double En-suite (source – Loaf B&B)

Loaf Vegan B&B Double En-suite

Double En-suite (source – Loaf B&B)















We decided to go out to eat before getting too settled, otherwise we’d never have the motivation go out again, and Karen kindly gave us some ideas of where to go in Berwick.   After scoffing our room treats (home made dark chocolate fruit and nut – yum!) we got back into the car for the short drive to Berwick and ended up eating at an Indian restaurant (sorry no pictures and I can’t remember the name!) which was tasty and great value.  I wish I’d known about the Loaf vegan dessert service, it would have been fabulous to come back to one of Karen’s delicious looking creations.  Next time!!!


When we returned to Loaf, the fire in the guest lounge was roaring away just for us and the room was lit by a lovely array of candles.  Again a very welcoming and cosy environment after the cold weather outside.


Loaf Vegan B&B Guest Lounge

Guest Lounge


The next morning it was the much anticipated vegan cooked breakfast!  Much to the relief of Karen, it did not disappoint and a big thank you to Mike for the tempeh hunt :)  You do have a choice of what breakfast to have but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of sampling this:


Loaf vegan B&B breakfast

Loaf bumper vegan breakfast!


We also had juice, cereals, homemade breads and preserves.  A veritable feast which kept us fully fueled for the long drive home.


Loaf Vegan B&B Guest Reading/Reference Area

Guest reading/reference area – can you spot us??

Loaf Vegan B&B Guest Dining Room

Guest Dining Room















Fingers crossed we’ll get to visit Loaf again, hopefully when the weather is warmer and we can go walking in some of the wonderful countryside surrounding Berwick-Upon-Tweed (as well as indulging in more of Karen’s awesome vegan cooking!).


Want to know more about Loaf Vegan B&B?  Take a look at their website: Loaf Vegan B&B


You can also get in touch with them via Facebook and Twitter – warning, may contain lots of food photographs!


We are I Choose What I Use, the 100% vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic beauty and skin care online store.





  1. Karen, March 17, 2015:

    Wow, thank you so much for writing about us! This is fantastic, & I’m so glad you had a lovely time for your birthday!
    Thanks so much for coming to visit Loaf & sharing your experiences.
    Hope to welcome you both back soon,
    Best wishes,
    Loaf b&b.

  2. Karen, March 17, 2015:

    PS, sorry you missed out on our Evening Dessert Menu – the link was included in M’s booking info – you’ll have to choose extra next time to make up..! 😀

  3. I Choose What I Use, March 17, 2015:

    Doh! We both missed that. Yes, extra will be required to make up for missing out this time :)

  4. Karen, March 19, 2015:

    😀 extra desserts are our speciality.. 😉

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