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Testimonial – Alva Sanddorn Skin Care


Every so often you’re told something which gives you confirmation that what you do is worthwhile, the following testimonial from one of our customers gave us that feeling, we’re so pleased that we could help.


Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells on my face.  I was prescribed a chemotherapy cream which destroys the cells, leaving my skin red, sore and very dry.  I was prescribed different moisturisers which did not help.


A friend then told me about alva moisturising cream, I tried it and noticed an improvement in 2 weeks, after 8 weeks my skin is now soft and glowing.  Friends have commented on how great my skin looks.


At my last appointment at the hospital the consultant was pleased with the improvement, I told her that it was because I was using Alva as the other creams had not worked.  She hadn’t heard of it but told me to carry on and discharged me.


P Waring –  September 2012


We believe that natural, cruelty free products really are the best things you can use to care for your skin.  That the Sanddorn products had such a positive effect on Mrs Waring’s skin problems so quickly is really exciting.  If you want to try this amazing natural, cruelty free and organic skin care for yourself, our entire alva Sanddorn range can be found HERE


If you want to know which items from the range Mrs Waring used to bring about such a big improvement in her skin condition, you can find them below, clicking on an image will take you straight to that particular alva Sanddorn product:


Alva Sanddorn Moisturising Day Cream

 Alva Sanddorn Skin OilAlva Sanddorn Night Cream














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