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Veganuary – don’t forget your beauty!



It’s the 14th of January so we’re now around half way though Veganuary – how are you doing?  Hopefully it’s been a positive experience so far!


Have you given much thought to your beauty and skincare products as part of your switch to a vegan lifestyle?  Don’t worry if you haven’t, we’re here to help!



Certification, Manufacture and Markets


You may think that most products are already vegan but sadly it’s a bigger picture than what the ingredients are and whether they’ve got a leaping bunny (cruelty free) certification.


For a start, though cruelty free certification is a good indicator, it doesn’t mean a product is vegan.   We can’t get our heads around the fact that the certification means that the product or ingredients have not been tested on animals BUT NOT that it is free of animal ingredients.  So, it might not have been dripped into a bunny’s eyes in the testing stage but it could still contain carmine from crushed beetles.  Bonkers, right?


Now, in the European Union we’re lucky in some respects because products made and sold here are no longer allowed to be tested on animals (ingredients or finished products).  However, a company can still manufacture and test on animals in other countries for markets outside of the EU.


Another issue is brands that sell to countries with mandatory animal testing.  One such country is China.  China is a huge market for western cosmetics and skincare and some companies are happy to put profit before ethics.  The tricky part here is that brands can call themselves cruelty free in our part of the world and conveniently avoid mentioning where else they sell their products.  It’s important to do research and check and sometimes check again!


The extra tick for leaping bunny certification is that it means the company is not testing products or ingredients anywhere in the world.


So, what do you do?


The good news is there are lots of resources available online (see links for some of them below) and certification wise, if you see the Vegan Society logo on a product you’re sorted.  You know then that there will be no animal testing or ingredients involved with that product.


Of course, you can shop with us too!  We not only look after the vegan side of a product by doing the research on your behalf as a vegan only online beauty store but, if you care about what the actual ingredients are and wish to avoid synthetics (vegan or cruelty free certified doesn’t mean they’re also natural) then we’re your guys too.


Links & Logos:



Peta logos

Yes, that would be 5 different logos!


check their FAQ’s regarding criteria for being included in this list.




leaping bunny


Cruelty Free International:

The original ‘leaping bunny’ certifiers.  As mentioned above, double check because cruelty free doesn’t = animal ingredient free.




The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society:


Sadly they no longer list their approved companies as a searchable database on their website but will be able to help if you have any queries.  They also used to publish a book – the Animal Free Shopper – but that doesn’t seem to be available on their website either!


Hope we’ve been of some help in this short introduction to vegan skincare and beauty.  You can find more information in our blog, where we have covered certifications, cruelty free and vegan natural beauty in more detail or feel free to ask any questions, either at the end of this blog or by email/twitter/facebook.  We’ll get back to you asap :)


Good luck with your Veganuary, we hope it’s a life changing month for you.


We are I Choose What I Use, the 100% vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic beauty and skin care online store.


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