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Tips for Growing and Looking After a Beard – Naturally


Beard Grooming


So, you’ve decided to grow a beard.  Never grown one before?  Here’s a few tips on how to keep it, and you, looking in tip top condition using vegan, natural and organic products.


In the beginning was…….stubble


You will find your brand new beard growth will itch at the start, in part thanks to it’s special skill of collecting dead skin and dirt, nice!


So here’s what you’re going to do:


Cleanse – use a mild and gentle soap or facewash to keep your skin clean above and under your beard.  We have a great selection of men’s face care products including Friendly Soap, they have made some fabulous facial soap bars which will treat your skin kindly.


Exfoliate – this helps to keep ingrown hairs to a minimum and removes dead skin cells, keeping the skin under your fledgling beard in good condition.  Check out Heavenly Organics facial scrubs for a double whammy of exfoliation and moisturisation.


Moisturise – your beard will appreciate a good moisturiser.  It will reduce the scratchy, itchy feeling your new beard is giving you so applying a few drops of beard oil will certainly help to keep it nice and soft.  P.S. This will also make sure that you stay kissable too!



My, what a fine beard you have


You’ve made it!   You’ve now got the beginnings of a fine beard but, there’s no resting on your laurels.  Your beard needs care and attention if you want to keep it looking good:


Keep it Clean – this is even more important now as your beard will pick up environmental smells and dirt as well as the odd food and drink spillage.  You want it to smell nice not nasty!


Avoid using conventional shampoos containing ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate, these are far too foaming for your needs causing skin irritation and beard and skin dryness.  Put these products on the hair on your head if you must, but not the hair on your face.  All of our shampoos are naturally based and gently foaming so we wouldn’t object to any of them being applied to our faces too but, we would recommend you try Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar.  It is a traditional, palm oil and synthetic chemical free soap bar full of beneficial butters and oils which will help keep your beard clean.


Condition –  if you want to avoid that super frizzy look, regular conditioning is a must and not just after shampooing.  Washing, even with water, can strip out natural oils and make your beard dry.  Conditioning tames your beard, keeping it soft and neat and helps to avoid brittle hair and split ends (yes, beards get split ends too!).  We have beard oil from Heavenly Organics Skin Care but if you prefer to use something unfragranced or to make up your own unique blend, any of the following oils can be used to condition your beard: Jojoba, Argan, Coconut, Sunflower, Sweet Almond or Hemp.


You can find the products we’ve mentioned in our new Men’s department, imaginatively named – Beard!

Natural Beard Care


We are I Choose What I Use, the 100% vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic beauty and skin care online store.



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