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Organic September 2015, Organic Beauty Week


Organic Beauty Week 2015


Every year the Soil Association works to raise the profile of organic products with their Organic September campaign.  Thanks to the rise in popularity of organic skin care, more recently a week has been devoted to beauty with it’s own organic beauty week.


Though obviously this is to promote products certified by the Soil Association, Organic September does a good job of raising awareness of the diverse range of organic products you can find, the benefits of buying organic and how easy it can be to make a few changes to your shopping habits without breaking the bank.  With the supermarket discounters now offering a range of organic staples, it’s not difficult or expensive to swap and buy organic carrots or bananas, for example.


Turning back to beauty, because obviously for the purposes of this blog this is where we’re here to talk about, this year’s focus in Organic Beauty Week is #campaign4clarity.


What does #campaign4clarity mean?


The Soil Association are challenging the beauty industry to, in their words, ‘clean up it’s act’.  If a product is labelled organic, it should really be organic.

Because there are no legal standards for organic beauty products at the moment, a company to say their beauty products are organic on the packaging where in truth the organic ingredients are a tiny proportion of the whole product.  The Soil Association are urging shoppers to do what we’ve advocated many times – don’t just read the marketing label on the front, check out the ingredients on the back.


By law ingredients have to be listed in order of quantity.  If the only organic ingredients you see are down at the bottom of a long list, then the proportion of organic ingredients in that product is going to be very small.


Anyone who loves to use natural skin care products would obviously prefer to avoid synthetic chemicals.  Choosing certified organic skin care means that the use of synthetic ingredients is severely restricted and the natural ingredients used to make the products have not been sprayed with pesticides and are free of genetically modified ingredients.


So, is everything in our organic department certified by the Soil Association?


No.  Everything is vegan and ingredients are naturally derived, but not all are certified organic (by the Soil Association or any other certifying body).  Certification can be expensive and prohibitive for small businesses and we don’t want to exclude good, committed brands from this department because they lack certification.


We are however very careful about which brands we select and the ethics behind them.  All product ingredients and certifications are listed, so that you can make an informed choice.  See them all in our organic department.

Organic September

Further reading – our blog investigating organic certifications in relation to vegetarians & vegans


For more information on Organic September and Organic Beauty week visit


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