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The Versatility of Mineral Make Up


You may not realise just how much you can do with that little pot of loose powdered minerals you have in your make up kit.  Mineral make up can be much more versatile than you may ever have thought…..


Face – Mineral Foundation can also be used as a concealer and, if your skin is dry, you can mix it with your moisturiser to make your own cream foundation.


Your mineral eyeshadow or blusher can be used in the following ways:


Eyes – use wet or dry as an eyeshadow.  Wet gives a more intense colour, just apply your mineral colour with a damp brush. 


You can also use as an eyeliner, use dry or mix with a small amount of water to the desired consistency before applying, you can also make it into a gel consistency by using aloe vera.


Lips – colours can be used direct onto the lips as a lip stain or a lip liner using a damp lip brush to apply.  Add lipgloss or lip balm over the top if  required.  Mix your favourite shade(s) with a clear lip gloss or into coconut oil, shea or coco butter to make your own simple coloured lip gloss.


Nails – colour co-ordinate your eyes or lips by adding your mineral powder to clear nail varnish, mixing well before applying.


Cheeks – depending upon the colour (or what effect you’re going for!) you can use eyeshadow as a blusher just as you can use blusher as an eye shadow.


Highlighting – pale shades can double up as highlighters.


Bespoke – You can mix colours together to make your own unique shades.  Just remember to note down the amounts of each colour used so that you can recreate it!



Chromium oxide green is not approved in the EU for use on the lips and so any eyeshadow containing it should not be applied to your lips.


Always check the ingredients before embarking on ‘purpose swapping’.  Not all mineral cosmetics are created equal and, for example, you may not want to apply the ingredients in your eye colours to your lips given it is likely that you will consume some of it!   We only stock mineral make up brands that we would be happy to re-purpose (chromium oxide green excepted).   Why not take a look at our entire make up range containing loose mineral products and more?

 Mineral Make Up


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