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Rosemary is for Remembrance


It turns out the saying ‘Rosemary is for Remembrance’ isn’t just an old wives tale!


Rosemary really does help memory and concentration so if you’re feeling forgetful or preparing for exams putting some Rosemary essential oil in an oil burner, or putting a few drops on a tissue to sniff might just help.


It’s not too shabby when it comes to colds either, with it’s head clearing and antiseptic properties.  Rosemary can help with muscle ache as well.


A sacred plant of the ancient Greeks and Romans and an ingredient in true Eau De Cologne, it’s many uses throughout the ages both culinary and therapeutically make it a must have as an essential oil and a growing herb our book.


Do yourself and the bees a favour (they love the blue flowers you get on the plant during spring/summer) and make sure you’ve always got one of these plants in the garden.


Rosemary Essential Oil












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