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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for your insides and your outsides!  When used in cooking it is reported to help with weight loss and it’s a great beauty all rounder.  You can use it all over your body – from head to toe.  It can be used as a scalp treatment, hair conditioner, skin moisturiser (face and body), makeup remover, lip balm……the list goes on and on.  Best choice is cold pressed and organic, of course!




  1. Jane D, June 1, 2016:

    Hi I agree Having always had clear unblemished and quite fortunate skin I could use most makeups and cleansing products without huge thought…except for which colours I liked! Now after much illness allergies and Rosacea I have trained in Natural healing as we really do need to be aware of the choices we make (no matter how powerful those fab adverts for endless beauty products are) We need to be aware and choose wisely…Ill health forced me too and in a way it has educted me to how important my choices are…I firmly believe and have experienced first hand Nature (if you allow her) Has a remedy for most issues AND more importantly if you turn natural before needing a cure you may not need one! Coconut oil has not only helped sooth my skin it has the bonus of reducing the lines (laughter of course!!!) that had started galloping in!!!

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