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Carmine (also known as CL75470), or cochineal in the food world, is a product of crushing beetles, yes you heard me, crushed beetles.  Ugh!  It’s a popular ingredient in pink, red and purple shades of lipstick, eyeshadow and blusher.  Time to check those labels ladies!!


Rest assured,  I Choose What I Use is a safe, carmine free environment :)




  1. Ali Hagan, December 30, 2012:

    Ugh Gross! I never wear lipstick anyway and I’m currently phasing out all my non natural make up. I’ll check for Carmine and if its there that’ll be the first to go!

  2. I Choose What I Use, December 31, 2012:

    So glad we could veg-ucate you on such an ugly ingredient. It’s one of those times when we’ll happily take a synthetic ingredient over a ‘natural’ one!

  3. Elaine Shonfeld, July 4, 2013:

    Never given it a thought but will now. Awful to crush beetles just for a vanity product, so will now read ingredients.

  4. I Choose What I Use, July 4, 2013:

    It certainly pays to be a label reader Elaine, some of the ingredients used in the name of beauty are pretty gruesome!

  5. Elena, June 13, 2015:

    wow! Iam shocked actualy , I have been today on Leed`s Vegan Festival and it was very interesting for me, my daughter is vegan and she invited me.YOU GUYS DOING GOOD JOB!!

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