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Rawganic Facial Wipes – goodbye, we’ll miss you


Update April 2017 – some good news, we’ve heard that Rawganic are back!  Sadly we won’t be stocking them as our website is closing but here’s a link to their website ( so that you can get more information direct from them.


We’re very sad to say that today we’ve discovered that Marshall Curtis, the company behind the brand Rawganic, went into voluntary liquidation on 26 May 2016 (link: Companies House).


Rawganic were a brand that we stocked from our launch in 2012.  We loved their organic ethics which came without the price premium so many other certified organic brands apply.


Though sadly most of their natural skin and hair care range was unsuitable when we became an exclusively vegan web store, we continued to stock their vegan friendly organic 3 in 1 facial wipes which have always been popular with our customers.


We thought we’d write this quick blog to let people know what has happened as we know it can be so frustrating to find that your favourite product or brand has disappeared without a trace and it isn’t always easy to find this information out.


We will now do our best to find a suitable replacement for these much loved facial wipes.

Rawganic Organic Cotton 3 in 1 Facial Wipes

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  1. Hannah Kewley, August 7, 2016:

    Thank you for providing this information for those of us who had enjoyed these wipes.

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