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Our Vegan Natural Make Up Top 10


The vast majority of products we have in our Make Up department are suitable for vegans.  Why? Simply because we believe you can make fabulous natural and organic cosmetics without resorting to to the use of any animal ingredients and what’s good for vegans is definitely good for vegetarians too!  You can’t avoid the fact that make up can get absorbed into your skin or ingested if it’s on your lips so it pays to pick your products carefully, even more so if you have sensitive skin or allergies.


Here’s our 10 favourite natural (with a touch of organic) vegan make up picks of the moment:


1.  Madara Tinting Fluid (Moon Flower or Sun Flower £23.00)


This is a fabulous light alternative to foundation during the summer.  It tints and evens out your skin tone without any heaviness.  We say, it’s not just for summer, we love it any time of the year!  Ecocert certified.

Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid

2.  Inika Mineral Eyeshadows (£11.75)


100% natural, preservative free, long lasting and versatile (use wet or dry) and in so many fabulous shades.   We feel glamorous just holding one of these pots in our hands!   Vegan Society Approved.

Inika Mineral Eyeshadows

3.  Vegan Faces Vitamin E Concealer (£8.95)


A creamy concealer enriched with Vitamin E & B5.  3 shades including Pro Tone, a light green to tone down redness.  Green on your face? Not as mad as you may think, we’ve tried it and it does work!   Vegan Society Approved.

Vegan Faces Concealer

4.  Alva Liquid Edition Eyeshadow (£9.95)


As well as being vegan, these liquid eyeshadows are Ecocert certified organic.   Use together or with powder shadows.  We love the Pale Almond shade as a base and Silver Grey as part of a smokey eye look.

Alva liquid edition eyeshadows

5.  Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation (£29.50)


Certified by the Vegan Society and organic, this is a foundation that will hydrate and nourish your skin.  It won’t clog pores, giving your skin room to breathe.  It’s long lasting and gives a flawless finish.   I never liked the ‘feel’ of liquid foundations on my face until I tried this!

Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation

6.  Alva Creamy Collection Lipstick (£14.15)


New from alva these lipsticks contain ingredients which mean they’re suitable for even sensitive skin.  Their brick red lipstick proves that you can get a fabulous natural red shade without dead beetles.  Ecocert certified.

Alva Creamy Collection Lipstick

7.  Vegan Faces Mineral Eyeshadow (£5.95)


Loose mineral powders in some fabulous shades – have you seen the fruits collection?  We’re just having a Carmen Miranda moment with these!  Vegan Society Approved.

Vegan Faces - Mineral Eyeshadows

8.  Inika Lip Whip (£14.30)


We love these, not a shade we don’t like.  Okay, they won’t stay on your lips all day but when you know what fab natural ingredients they contain you won’t mind reapplying.  Vegan Society approved.

Inika Lip Whips

9.  Make Up Brushes (from £4.07)


This is one of the times we’ll take synthetic over natural and with cosmetic tools like these, why would you want to rub animal hair onto your face?  We couldn’t decide on a particular brand because they’re all brilliant so just browse our selection from Inika, Ecotools and Vegan Faces.

vegan make up brushes

10.  Alva Sensitive BB Cream (£30.00)


Saving the best until last…..


New this year and already winning awards, alva have created the world’s first certified organic (Ecocert), 100% natural and vegan BB Cream.  Designed for sensitive skin but suitable for all skin types. It also has an SPF20 rating to give you fabulous skin coverage, naturally.

Alva Sensitive BB Cream

Well that’s the end of our natural and organic vegan make up top 10, any of your favourites in there?


Update January 2015 – we now say no to all animal ingredients because we are making the conversion to being 100% vegan (completed 1 May 2015), hurrah!  This means all the products in our make up department are now completely vegan.


Happy browsing!


  1. Detox.Me, July 22, 2013:

    Love the madara range! The foundation is a really good idea for summer keeping your skin in good condition externally as well as making you feel good internally!

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