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Dr Bronner and Palm Oil


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We have just added Dr Bronner to our list of bar soaps.  As a brand, we try to avoid stocking products containing palm oil so, why did we decide to bring Dr Bronner on board?


We’ve discovered that not all palm oil is created equal and we feel comfortable in promoting Dr Bronner bar soaps because their approach to sourcing palm oil is very different and more ethical than the vast majority companies using palm oil in their products.  As an aside, Akamuti have palm oil in their African Black Soap.  This soap is also sourced ethically from women’s co-operatives in Ghana.


Why use palm oil in soap anyway?


Palm oil is a popular ingredient in bar soap because it helps the bars to retain their hardness (delays the sogginess you can get with soaps that absorb water because of their high glycerine content) and produces a nice creamy lather.


Why is Dr Bronner’s palm oil different?


Dr Bronner source their palm oil from Ghana, fairly trading with around 500 small growers through their sister company Serendipalm.  This means they’re not involved in the rainforest and orangutan habitat destruction taking place in Malaysia and Indonesia.  To us, it appears they’re definitely committed to a sustainable and ethical approach to the production of palm oil.


Organic production means less hazardous conditions for the growers, plus they’re given additional training and support.  Fair trading means the whole community benefits from a fairtrade premium, not only paying the workers more but also providing additional community facilities.


If only it was possible for all palm oil to be produced this way.


If you want to read more about this, the Dr Bronner USA website provides lots of information, including videos and information on their ethical sourcing and global fair trade partners: Dr Bronner – Palm Oil


See our Dr Bronner soaps: I Choose What I Use – Dr Bronner


What do you think?  Is the palm oil used by Dr Bronner an ethical choice?   Are you happy using it?


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  1. marguerite white, August 19, 2016:

    I am happy using the soap if its palm oil produced ethically without loss of habitat to animals.

  2. Sharon, March 20, 2017:

    I don’t use palm oil from any sources whatsoever. Pity these soaps use it.

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