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Our 5 favourite Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is a wonderfully versatile oil, not just in food but in beauty too.  It’s an excellent product for both your clean eating and clean beauty lifestyle.  Here are 5 of our favourite uses for it:


1. Make Up Remover


Coconut oil easily clears away make up, it will even tackle waterproof mascara.  Massage it into your face before wiping off with a damp face cloth or muslin cloth to leave you with beautifully cleansed skin.


Tip! Apply coconut oil sparingly around the eyes, I always make the mistake of putting too much onto my lashes and then end up with blurry vision until I’ve got it all out!



2. Body Moisturiser


Thanks to it’s moisture retaining properties, coconut oil makes a fabulous body moisturiser.  Massage it into damp skin after bathing for an extra moisturising boost.


If you’re on holiday, why not use a coconut oil with added insect repellent properties?  Our Heavenly Organics Skin Care coconut oil with lemongrass essential oil is just the ticket.


I Choose What I Use 5 Favourite Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil



3. Hair Conditioner


If your hair is in needed of some TLC then coconut oil is here to help.  For very dry locks use coconut oil as a deep conditioning hair mask, work the oil into dry hair and leave it for an hour or two before washing out.  Wrap your hair in a warm towel while the oil does it work.  Have you got long hair and only have a problem with the lower half? Then just do this treatment to that section of your hair.


Until you know how much your hair needs, it’s always best to start by applying the smallest amount (a teaspoon or less) and then add more if needed.  Too much could make your hair look greasy and make the oil harder to remove.


Avoid rubbing the oil into your scalp unless you experience dandruff or very dry hair/scalp.


Tip!  When washing the coconut oil out, massage in your shampoo before wetting your hair.  This will better aid the removal of the oil.


Frizzy or flyaway hair?  Rub a small amount in your hands and smooth through your hair as a styling aid (especially useful for dry, curly hair).  If you’re suffering from dry frizzy ends then a tiny amount of coconut oil applied just to those ends is what you need for a quick apply and go treatment.  Same rules apply for hair taming/styling, start with the smallest amount and add more if needed.  You can add more but it’s a lot more work to take it away if you’ve applied too much!



4. Lip Balm


It can’t get simpler than this.  Coconut oil tastes great and hydrates your lips too.   Simply swipe some on your lips with a fingertip and try not to lick it all off straightaway!  Put some in a small container to keep in your bag or pocket for on the go applications.



5. Hand and Foot Treatment


Okay, technically this is two but we couldn’t choose between them :)  For your hands and feet, coconut oil makes a fabulous nail and cuticle oil, helping to strengthen them.  Just massage in while you’re relaxing in front of your favourite TV show.


If dry, cracked heels are an issue for you, generously apply coconut oil before going to bed and pop on some socks for lovely moisturized feet in the morning.  Thanks to its vitamin e content and antimicrobial and moisture retaining properties, Coconut oil is cracked heels worst enemy!


Have we made you feel the need to add coconut oil to your beauty routine?  Lots of the products we offer contain coconut oil but you need the pure stuff for these uses!  Here’s a link to our pure coconut oil products.


We are I Choose What I Use, the 100% vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic beauty and skin care online store.  Want to keep in touch?  Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page for news of special offers, blogs and new product releases.



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