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A Bit About Us


Where have we come from?


When I started I Choose What I Use in 2012 it was founded on vegetarian principles and was born of the frustration of having to read the label of every beauty product to check whether it was vegetarian and how natural it really was.  It also came from the deep desire to be able to go to one place and trust that everything being sold matched my principles and ethics.


During the first 3 years I found that I was objecting more and more to the vegetarian animal ingredients (beeswax, lanolin etc) used in natural products and so it became a natural step for the website to become entirely vegan.  This conversion completed on 1 May 2015.


One step further…


But for I Choose What I Use, that’s not the end of the story.  A product could be labelled vegan and contain a whole host of synthetics and preservatives.


I always want the products I buy and the products we offer you to be as natural as possible.  For some items, synthetics such as preservatives are unavoidable but we will do our best to find manufacturers that use the gentlest and safest ones possible.  If you want to read more on what we mean by ‘Natural’ read our blog: what Natural skincare means to us.


So, here we are, offering you a range of natural hair care, skin care and beauty products for the whole family.  First and foremost, every item is vegan and cruelty free and made from a high proportion of (if not entirely from) naturally derived ingredients.


We also love it if our products are Organic and Fairtrade.  We can’t guarantee to always tick the box for both of these, but we do wherever possible.  We practice positive discrimination in selecting products which have been suitably certified (Ecocert, Vegan Society, Soil Association etc) however, a lack of such certification will not stop us from stocking a product if we believe the ethics and practices of the company are a match for own.


Thoughts to the future


We would love to be in a position to be able to support animal and earth friendly causes.  For that though we need to be profitable!  Every penny that comes to us now has to be reinvested into the business.  We truly hope that this will change and we can start to make an even bigger difference.


I am always learning and always thinking of how we can change and grow to be a better version of who we are so watch this space!


A love of nature, a love of animals and a love of the planet have provided the foundations of I Choose What I Use.  These are the principles which guide the decisions we make on the products we offer to you.


Sue x




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